National Homebrew Club

Ireland’s single biggest collective of homebrewers, with representation in all four provinces.

Established in 2011, it was founded to fulfil the needs of homebrewers in Ireland.

The National Homebrew Club (NHC) has gone from strength to strength, currently with over 250 full members and 1,000 associates of the Club. It is a non-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers from all four corners of the island and it has put home brewing back on the map. The club caters specifically for needs of home brewers, providing advice through a local club network and an active online forum. We are associated with a number of local clubs.

The NHC’s biggest event every year is the National Brewing Championships, with over 450 entries in 2015; judging beer to international standards, by qualified BJCP judges and commercial brewers.


The primary role of the NHC is to improve the standard of home brewed beer and support those parties that want to make their hobby commercial. Over 12 homebrewers, who have come from within our ranks, have taken the plunge to go commercial in the last number of years.

It is active in promoting a range of activities include brewing demonstrations, organising training (BJCP), Little Talks sessions, managing & supporting local and national competitions.

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