Embrace The Funk

Sour, Funky and Wild Beer


A growing number of breweries, home brewers and consumers are embracing the “funk”


Brandon Jones – wrangler of Funk, Beer Blender, Barrel Fixer Upper at EmbracethefunkYazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, USA.

Brandon began working at Yazoo in 2012 and quickly became a trailblazer within the craft-beer scene. Yazoo released the first commercially brewed sour beer in Tennessee which was his creation and was awarded a medal for one of his beers the very first year it was submitted to the Great American Beer Festival.

Although many times bacteria and wild yeasts in beer are considered a flaw and beer destroyers, Brandon reveals how the funk, in spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts and bacteria, give us those distinctive flavours to our sour & speciality beers.

Brandon will show us how to make the world of sour beers a bit more approachable, so even more people can embrace the funk!