German Style Brewing


In Germany we say it’s the hardest beer to brew, because it’s a really crisp and pale beer, so you can taste every off flavour and you can taste if the brewer is not very experienced, or isn’t a good brewer. It’s a real test of your brewing fundamentals.


Jasmin Winterer – Brewer for Diageo

Originally from the Black Forest in Germany’s southwest who has been working with the Open Gate for over 2 years, Jasmin worked as a brewer in her native Germany before studying for a master’s diploma.

Since moving to St. James’s Gate Jasmin has been heavily involved with the process of developing several different beers for the Open Gate Brewery at any one time, trialling ideas initially on a small scale hectolitre brew before testing and experimenting further to refine the recipe.

Her latest beers include Irish Wheat, a wheat ale reminiscent of Bavaria but brewed with Guinness ale yeast and 1516 Anniversary Pilsner, a commemoration of the Reinheitsgebot’s 500 year anniversary.


Jasmin will discuss how to make & improve German style beers